Playing board games online

@Neil started a great discussion about playing RPG online, but maybe a few of yours might have also tried to play board games online.
What are your experience? How well/badly does it work?

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we did play some UNO, Monopoly, Clue and Game of Life online.

UNO is pretty fun despite being from ubisoft
Monopoly is decent, but ubisoft shows why one of the top reviews for it is “there is a lot of game in this bug”
Clue is a lot of fun, if you like logic puzzles (and the note taking help from the game is an improvement over playing the game normally imho, while it does not take away the more interesting conclusions)
Game of Life was … fun because of the company, but not the game (the interpretation just felt repetitive and simply not really fun)

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Love it! :joy:

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A group of us have been playing the Jackbox Party Games online. They’re really good in fact.
Only one person needs to own the game, the rest join via browser/phone and enter a code to play. Definitely recommended.

We’ve also played quite a lot of Cards against Humanity online. Also a great, free site to play it here -

One thing I’ve noticed is how different some games can be online can be compared with in person. I played a bit of Werewolf online during various lockdowns, and it’s practically unrecognizable. In person it’s usually free-wheeling, with lots of bluffing and deduction. Online, it’s highly ritualized and tactical. A casual observer would probably have a hard time recognizing these as the same game.