Player(s) wanted to fill up existing group

We are looking for 1-2 new players to fill up an established group. We’ve been playing the Dragon Eye system and world ( for about a year now. Recently one of our from-the-beginning players had to leave for job-related reasons and we want to fill his space again. We could also take one additional player (we are 3 players plus GM right now).

I am the main GM, though to spice things up others run an adventure from time to time as well.

We play on Tuesday evenings, currently online (Discord plus Astral Tabletop when needed). The group was originally a face-to-face group, so once Corona is done we’ll probably transition back to that.

Contact me for any questions or interest.

All genders and ages welcome.

Hey I’m interested, I just dont know a lot about Dragon Eye.

No prior knowledge is required, I’ll be happy to explain everything.

I’ll send you a PM with my Discord nick, so we can set up a chat there and talk about details. Add me or send me yours.

Hi, I’m also interested - I have only played P&P a few times and I have no idea about Dragon Eye, so I would consider myself an absolute beginner in every sense, but I would really like to start playing, and Dragon Eye sounds like a very interesting setting to me.

Welcome Laura. I’ll send you a PM as well.

Hello. My name is Nicolas and recently moved to Vienna. I would be interested, although I’ve never played the system. It would be cool to meet new people and connect with fellow players

Hey Hawy - I’ll send you a PM as well with my Discord nick, or you send me yours. We have 2 places to fill, so whoever is first with answering and joining me for a character creation session. Our next game is planned on Tuesday.

Anyone else who is interested, or if any of you missed the PM: My discord handle is Tom#9033 - we play on Discord so you need to be there anyways and we can set up a quick voice session to explain the rules, discuss basics and create a character.

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