Play-By-Post forum

Hey guys,

What about a subforum dedicated to Play-By-Post roleplaying. You could play freeform, or even with a ruleset because of the dice function. I’m running such a game based on the FUDGE rules in a different forum.

PbP games are usually a lot slower, but it works fine.

Tried that. Didn’t get much of a reply.



Maybe now with more people on the board, it is more interesting. I’d really like it to be.

A whole subforum might be a bit too much but depending on the game/system I’d be interested in a PbP game. -H- is running a similar thing at the moment. 23 is the cue.

I was thinking of something with a campaign. That attracts and keeps people more than a place where people just hang out because it looses the interpersonal inertia pretty fast, at leas that’s what I experienced.

Depending on how my RP in the other forum, I could run it here too.

I am still interested in this.
You are right, a campaign with a (rules-light) game system will probably hold players a longer than a free for all freeform gaming-thread.

Count me in, if you want to master something!

i would also like to try something like this out

I’d go for a postapocalyptic setting and use the FUDGE system (1995 release because it’s a free download).

Here’s the setting:

The year is 2055. 23 years ago earth fell. Within 14 days modern civilization was completely eradicated by aliens. Why? Nobody really knows. All you know that humanity went down the drains. All that is left are small groups of people, hiding in abandoned mines, forests, you name it. You are just trying to survive. The cities are death traps, filled with the alien invaders, commonly known as Xenos, and radiation. Nobody never ever came back from a trip into on of the major cities. You live in a small settlement deep in the Bitterroot Mountains. You live day by day as small troops head out to scavenge and hunt the wildlife. Sometimes they don’t come back either.

I have no problem with a Play-By-Post forum, but I’d like to see a thread of two of this kind of thing get going first.

I can easily start a game. All I need is some feedback if people would be interessted in the setting/story I posted.

Well, here goes:

I wanted to play in a post-apoc world for some time now. So far the pitch reads interesting. (Which location would you have in mind? Something close and known, or somewhere else?) Bitterroot Mountains, eh? Any reason for that particular location?

Now I don’t know FUDGE, but I guess you can help us all with the character creation.

The whole gane is set in the USA and the Bitterroot Mountains are a part of the Rockies. There will be more known locations though. If you want we can meet some time before 16:00 on firday and I’ll explain everything to you. We’ll be using spreadsheets for the character sheets so I’d be glad if players had a Gmail account or access to to Google Docs. If you have a dropbox you can put your spreadsheet a d post the public link.

much interested now xD

fudge as in the original or other supplement rules like those of Anglerre/Dresden Files too?

Ok, I have 3 (I think) people interested so far

Tophtes (not sure on him)

That’s not very many. I’d like at least one more person for the campaign. Of course I can run it with 3 people too, but I’d rather have 4 to 5.