Planning a new forum 'theme' for RPGVienna

Would you like a new forum theme for RPGVienna?

  • Yes - a new theme would be great!
  • No - I’m happy with the current theme!
  • I don’t really care either way, but you are indeed awesome Neil.

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Hi all, if you can read this then that’s good! it means the phpbb upgrade worked and didn’t balls up the forum/database/etc.

The current theme for RPGVienna is DarkFantasy. It’s served us well for 2 years but I’m getting a bit sick of it. It looks a bit 90’s to me and could do with a ‘refresh’ so I’m thinking about a new theme that looks a lot more modern and looks great on tablets/phones etc. as well as the Desktop.

Here’s a quick example of how a current thread looks with the new theme. I’d obviously fix a couple of things and ‘rpg’ it up a bit, but you get the general idea…


I like the new theme, it is clear and elegant and looks like it would load faster on my phone…

I like the old and the new one. So I’m good either way.
Does the new look add any new features?

Yeah, a few new features. Nothing major, but nice all the same!

Hm, I honestly prefer the current one. :slight_smile: The new one has bit much white, and looks a bit clinical to me. But then, maybe I’m just a child (or teen) of the 90ies :wink:

Perhaps there is a way to make it so that each user can choose the skin s/he wants to see when s/he enters the forum?

What do you mean by “rpg it up a bit”? Adding some arcane-ornament looking borders and stuff? Because yeah, maybe that’d look nice and reconcile me with the new look and that white-heavy modernity its got going on… :wink: