Planning a game for fall:

Hello everyone,
I am considering DMing a campaign ( ideally bi-weekly) starting in October if I have the time. However, I would first like to gauge the interest and which of my ideas would be most popular.
My current ideas:

  1. VtM Renaissance: A story set in the late Middle Ages/early Renaissance of Europe, dealing with the changes in the worlds of both mortals and vampires.

  2. DnD Empire Divided: Setting heavily inspired by the Chinese classic " The Romance of the 3 Kingdoms" and the historical Sengoku Jidai. Heavy focus on politics, intrigues, and maneuvering between different factions.

  3. Pike and Shoot ( currently DnD, but if another system is better to let me know): Set in a Fantasy world of on the technology level of about the 30-Years War. The story will deal with religion and war quite heavily. Heavy inspiration from the Powder Mage trilogy world-building wise.

About my style:
My writing style is usually rather dark and morally grey. The stories tend to center around real-world problems or philosophical questions. Realism is very important to me so my worlds usually include slavery, sexism and other usually for us modern human deplorable institutions/ schools of thought, usually tied into the story.
The way I set up my campaigns usually favors rping and NPC interaction over brute force.


Hey Publius, I might be looking for a game to join come October and would be interested in your D&D Empire Divided idea :smile:
I haven’t played much, but I do have DMing experience, so I know my way around character creation and most rules :slight_smile:

Hey @Publius!

The first and the last idea sound amazing. I myself have actually been brewing a full historical campaign set during the Middle Ages/early Renaissance in Europe - albeit pointing towards a more “fantasy-free” setting. The idea is also to make it revolve around religion and war. There are however a few issues that come around when trying to run campaigns like this, and I think it would be fruitful to talk about it over a beer.

I was considering GURPS as a system (which might be a good replacement for your idea), albeit it being a very rule-heavy system for today’s standards.

I would be surely interested in a campaign like 1 and 3! And great style, I totally subscribe!

hi there!
I’d also be interested in the described settings, let me know if we want to meet for a drink to talk!

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