PLANET HARRY has some D&D tickets for you!

this is an invitation! as long as we have some, you may collect free tickets for the D&D film in english cinema haydn mariahilfer street. sunday the 2nd. 2 pm. we rented the whole room :slight_smile:


Sooo, how does this miracle work?

visit me at PLANET HARRY and collect the cards :slight_smile:

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Can’t argue with Annie Oakleys!

Much appreciated, Harry! That’s incredibly generous.


Already got mine. Thanks, Harry! :smiley:

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Any way i can reserve some? I´m not from Vienna, but would love to join. ´^^

i would love that you join us! but on the day of the event there is too much to do for me to distribute tickets. do you have someone who could collect the card for you?

If I can help bring this nearly Shakespeareanly star-crossed situation to a happy conclusion, I’m planning to swing by Planet Harry either later today or tomorrow for a small purchase and could easily pick up tix and hand them over on the day of the event.

Drop me a line if I can help, and thanks again to Harry for the invitation. This is truly above and beyond.


Hey, thats a really sweet offer. Could you pick up 2 Tickets for me and my friend please?


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