[PF2E] [Online] LF 2-3 Players for Gatewalkers AP!

[Time]: Session 0 will be 22 August 2023 19:00. Sessions every second tuesday at the same time.
[Platform]: FoundryVTT + Discord
[Requirements]: Mic, PC that can run Foundry
[Summary]: You can find the Player’s Guide with all Information here: https://downloads.paizo.com/GatewalkersPlayersGuide.pdf
[Number of Players]: We have 2 players already. We are looking to recruit 2-3 more.

We are looking for 2 - 3 more players that lust after exploring the supernatural mysteries and bizarre phenomena of the gatewalkers adventure path!
Let me introduce myself first: I am Marcel, soon to be 29 years old and am running TTRPGs for over a decade at this point starting all the way back with Cyberpunk 2020. I am from Austria and a native German speaker but the game will be played in English.
I am more than happy with people newer to pathfinder as well! One of our players is a veteran, the other I just ran through the beginners box as their first exposure to TTRPGs as a whole !

The game will be played with the Free Archetype Variant Rule. All currently released books are allowed including rage of the elements as soon as the foundry support drops. Information to character options will be talked through at the session 0.

This AP can deal with some darker topics around the occult and the bizarre including suicide and ritualistic sacrifice. Please make sure you are alright with these topics. Me as a GM (and as a person) will never include graphic sexual violence (or graphic depictions of any thing sexual) in any shape or form in my games. Sex exists but I handle it with a fade to black. If there are things you are not comfortable with, let me know in advance or during a session 0 so we can talk and adjust accordingly.
Oh and needless to say, respect others believes/orientation/etc. and just be a decent human being. We are all there to play some pathfinder and have fun after all!
Feel free to leave a message or hit me up on discord (ThatSerpentDude) if you are interested in joining!

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