Pf2 try out?

Hi there folks!
Given the recent news about the OGL and how shitty WotC is as a company, I thougt about trying some PF2.

I’m a very experienced 5e DM and am mostly looking for a one-shot or very short adventure to see what the system is all about, preferably by someone pretty experienced wiyh DM’ing the system.

Hope to find something! :slight_smile:

Hi, as a potential player, I’m also interested.

I have GMed pathfinder 2e for 2 years. I know a couple of people that might also join. If you want I can GM a one-shot. I would suggest we find a date to meet up at athenaes-siegel in Vienna. (You can find me in the forum there under the same username). I GM in german and english, only requirement is that we at least have a chat first so I can get to know the players a bit.

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