Pathfinder RPG (D&D 3.75)

As there are many Pathfinder games around, I’m starting this thread for everything that is Pathfinder related, be it rules questions, or some new products.

My first addition to this thread is

It is a site with ALL the Pathfinder rules you need, and everything is hyperlinked and update! Awesome, right?

I prefer books to read at home, but at the table, if you need to quickly look something up, this is very useful, for DM and player alike. The best example are spell details.

I like this one: … ter-sheets

I need to examine the excel sheets more closely or build one that is just blanks. I prefer to use a typed sheet at the start of play, but retyping into a non-savable pdf every time is no fun (I start thinking, do I really NEED all that equipment?)

aaaaaaaaand, a half second later, I was directed to this (editable and SAVABLE pdf):

I’m filling in my character now, I’ll let you know how it works.

Personally, I think nothing beats the good ol’ fill in a sheet with a pencil and an eraser. Frankly doesn’t even have to look like a published CS, though I will admit they can be orderly and convenient.

Nothing I’ve seen in .PDF gives it quite the same used and worn look after a few sessions that remind me of how many times my character has been close to death…

LOL! I update my sheet after EVERY game. Especially if I level. I used one sheet for Shadowrun and 1) I kept losing it (and eventually finding it) and 2) it was a MESS after every game, I had to erase everything, it got holes…

If I hadn’t found this one, I would have made my own in Excel.

(There is a SMALL possibility I’m too anal. A TINY possibility. Barely worth mentioning, really :wink: ).

As far as looks go, these are the best free character sheets that I’ve seen so far.

You can download the full pack or go through the character composer and download a custom pack for your character. Well worth checking out.

Btw Siobhan, the forum will automatically make a link when you type an address, no need to do it manually.

Those are beautiful, but unfortunately, still require printing them out and filling them out by hand.

The one I posted second ( is woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonderful. Downright magic. Not as magic as a complicated 16-page excel workbook where you pick your feats from a dropdown list and it updates your stats (one thing my star wars group had*) but still pretty damned good.

*it was magic, but sometimes frustrating. I did find something similar for Pathfinder, but it was password-locked and some of the cells were broken, so I couldn’t fix it.

Neil, how about hiding the url? So I could type “pdf character sheet” and you could click on the words? It seems forum use is a bit different than regular html.

Oh I see what you mean, to do that you’d do

PDF Character Sheet

THANK you.

Another option to look into is HeroLab but it’s paid software (no “other way”) and it can get pricey. It’s $30 for the core program (includes core pathfinder) but you have to pay for the addons. APG, UC and UM are $10 a piece. You can download a Demo but you can’t save or print your character.

It’s a really great program and incredibly simple. I’ll have a go at uploading Ally’s last character sheet that she used during the last session. There’s a lot of options for outputting the final sheet. It can be as simple or complicated as you like.

An alternative is PCGen it’s basically a free version of HeroLab but nowhere near as polished or easy to use…You get what you pay for I suppose.

For all of you who bought the Beginners Box, and after reading the rules went to the Core book, with the immense rules complexity, here is an update to help you in the transition: … s-Download

highly recommended, and if you read it, it would be nice to know if it helped you out or not.