Pathfinder Beta

Hi there!

I just started reading the Pathfinder 2 Beta rules and would love to hear if anyone has playtested it here so far? Or read it? Or given it any thoughts at all ;)?

For me it looks really promising - especially the character creation (althogh i would use the dice-option) and good options for customization.

So let me know what you think!

Hi there,
I´m in a group, that is participating in the playtest of Pathfinder 2. We play the current Adventure Path “doomsday dawn” and what I can say so far is, that the general idea of the game is good, but they defeinitely need to change a lot of stuff and it´s good that they playtest before they publish it :slight_smile:

You have 3 actions per round, which can be taken for different things.
No more opportunity attacks in the game, except the class specifically has it (fighter is the only class that has it)
Your AC, Touch Ac, Hit chance and Skill checks scale with your level (kinda like Proficiency in Dnd 5e, with the difference, that your proficiency bonus equals your level), however different classes can be better at different things, meaning you get a bigger starting bonus.
They changed completely how magic works.
Every character gets to choose a background (like in DND 5e) but gets Skill increases, a Feat and some kind of Skill, mostly lore (for farming, underworld etc.) with the chosen background.

What I playtested so far are the alchemist and Barbarian ( 2 evenings lvl 1 Alchemist, 1 evening lvl 4 Barbarian with Magic armor and a magic weapon)

Magic weapons add now dice to your weapon, Magic weapon +1 = +1 dmg dice of your weapon.
Magic armor adds now to all your saving throws as well as to Ac and Touch AC. (+1 Breastplate = +1 Fort, +1 Ref, +1 Will, +1 Ac, +1TAC)

For more details you can just simply PM me. It would take a while to write everything down that changed so far. :slight_smile:

Greetings Disc