Pathfinder 2e Homebrew Campaign players wanted! [Edit: Party is full thanks!]

Hello everyone!

I already posted in July about starting a Pathfinder campaign but life caught up with me and covid brought some involuntary career changes soon after and I had to put the project on hold. But now I got everything settled am am back and looking for players!

A little about myself. I am playing TTRPG for about 8 or 9 years now and was running Call of Cthulhu since the day I started. I also ran cyberpunk 2020 and D&D 3.5 quite a lot. I did play 5th edition but never really gotten into it, just playing the odd session here and there. My games usually always end up being rather in character roleplay intensive. I am more than happy to kick back while they are sitting around their camp having a discussion and emotional character development and enjoy the moment. Stuff like these is what ties a party together in the long run after all! I also don’t mind to throw in some good ‘ol dungeon crawls etc. if everyone is also interested in that! Variety and a healthy mix is my recipe.

We will run the games on a bi-weekly schedule on either Thursday evenings or Sundays.

The campaign is set in the usual world of Pathfinder, Golarion but the party will soon venture into uncharted territory outside the Inner Sea Regions! All races are allowed but outright evil characters will not fit the setting well. Books I am using and can be used for character creation are: Core Rulebook, Advanced Players Guide, Ancestry Guide, Secrets of Magic. If you want content from Adventure Paths and/or other published material let me know beforehand so I can check it out and review it.

If you are interested in playing Pathfinder 2e with me just feel free to drop a comment.

We would like to meet up with you beforehand for a session 0 / coffee to get to know each other to talk about game expectations, do’s and dont’s so we can make sure that all expectations are met and the group get’s on well together and to just get to know each other a bit!

PS: I don’t think mentioning that is needed in 2021 but I am more than LGBTQ friendly (being on the rainbow myself and all) and don’t tolerate discrimination of sexuality / orientation / race etc. I am also not someone that includes sexualization of these groups or graphic sexual violence of any kind in my games.

Edit: Party is full thanks everyone for messaging me!



I’m somewhat new to ttrpg’s and especially to pathfinder, though I have heard many good things about it. I have played some 5e but most of the time, groups seem to disperse often :frowning: I’m currently looking a new group to play and would very much like to check out other systems.

The schedule would work fine to me, both Thursday and Sunday wouldn’t be a problem to me.

If that’s good with you, I hope you’ll shoot me a message! :slight_smile:

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Hi :relaxed:

I’d love to finally join a real-life group :joy: I’ve been playing 5e for a few years, but it’s all been online because of COVID :sweat: (It’s still fun, but not quite the same…)

I played one session of Pathfinder a while ago, but I’m definitely not as familiar with that system as with D&D (but I’m more than happy to do lots of research in advance!)

I can do Sundays for sure, but unfortunately I have classes on Thursdays, so that wouldn’t work for me (but please don’t let me stop you from making this group!)

Thanks so much for setting this up :relaxed:

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I’d love to join. Would there still be a spot for me?

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