Paranoia Evening, Part II

Ok, so I want to get the Paranoia truck rolling. So I started a doodle. I have included weekday nights, but not weekends, because those don’t work for some people.

@H has said he’ll run it, so his schedule is the determining factor, I SUPPOSE. I included Spielbar nights, in case we wanted to play on a Thursday, but it turns out that Spielbar is also open other nights, and I am always happy to host. As I said in another thread, if I don’t have people over every so often, the mess on the dining table gets quite unmanageable.

So. Here’s the doodle. Not @H’s doodle. @OddlyEd & @gridshadow had expressed interest before.

My availability has been added, as far as I know at the moment. I’m generally available from 8pm on.

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@gridshadow? @Simon? @Parsley? Y’all expressed interest.

I would definitely be up for that, October 2nd or 4th should work for me as well.

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Sure, why not.

We still need @gridshadow. @H, @Simon, do you have another method of getting in touch with him?

I’ve added my availability, most weekdays are fine (except Fridays).

YAYAY! So. Monday, October 2nd.

Location: Is my place better than Spielbar for this? I know it was a pain to create a Cthulhu atmosphere or a Grimm atmosphere because of the noise.

Actually I would think the chaos and noise of a busy bar could work in favour of the Paranoia atmosphere…

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Then Spielbar it is! Monday, October 2, 19:30 to 20:00. After 20 years of trying, I will finally get to play Paranoia.

[quote=“Siobhan, post:10, topic:2072, full:true”]After 20 years of trying, I will finally get to play Paranoia.
Hm. Seems like the most Paranoia thing to do, then, would be to spontaneously come up with an excuse to play something else …


Ok, @OddlyEd is also just down the road from me. So @H, what do you think? Spielbar or my place? Anyone else want to weigh in?

I will kill you.

Also a very Paranoia thing to do!

I’m good with wherever.

Oo, traitorous threats already! And we haven’t even started playing yet. This is going to be great!

ok, then let’s do it at my place. Quieter, and I can smoke out the balcony and not interrupt the game. If it sucks for anyone here, just let me know.

See a REALLY Paranoia trick would make the first part of the game meeting at my place… but I don’t tell you where I live!! Except that almost all of you already KNOW where I live, which would make it… not a trick.

@Siobhan Your place sounds good to me!

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Aren’t you on the hunt for a new apartment?
Find one, move; don’t tell anybody you moved and invite everybody to a game at your place…

That would be AWESOME. Maybe the place we are seeing in Perchtoldsdorf on Friday will be perfect. Otherwise, I don’t think I’ll have anything prepared for THIS game. Heh. Hehehe. Heh.

So to summarize: Within a couple posts, you’ve gone from threatening to murder somebody who might sabotage your game of Paranoia to coming up with schemes to sabotage your game of Paranoia.

You sure you’ve never played this game before? You sound like a veteran.

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I’m really confused now.