Paranoia Afternoon?

So I am very interested in an afternoon of Paranoia, which @H has agreed to GM, while I would host. It would have to take place on a weekend day, and I can start a doodle as soon as we see if there is any interest. I live in the 16th district, convenient to a number of tram, buses, and U-bahn stops.

H has put a max at 5 players, of which I would be one. So we’re looking for 4 more.


I’m interested in playing paranoia at some point - so count me in

I would be, but weekends are out for me. If you decide to re-run it sometime during the week, let me know!

I’m being selfish, and I am perfectly fine with being overruled by someone I nagged into GM’ing for me. I’ve been told that the real paranoia experience lasts “hours and hours” and the debriefing is 80% of the game. And that running it in several sessions breaks up that flow. That’s why I want to do it on a weekend or holiday. If others who have played say this isn’t true, I probably won’t believe it (it’s been canon in my head for too long), but I’ll be meek about different scheduling.


I agree with playing in one continuous session if possible. I’m not sure whether I’m qualified to provide ‘the real paranoia experience,’ but a block of four hours or so has generally felt right to me. We’ve played at Spielbar a couple times in the past and never felt rushed.

I’ve started a doodle to decide on the best time to meet.

(Yep, Paranoia is fun.)


So, Spielbar it is?

Or a different evening, at my place?

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