Paladins in Hell anyone?

I have always wanted to do an adventure with the Paladins in Hell theme ever since I saw the title among old TSR D&D modules. There are some conversions but I couldn’t find a working link, and it sounds like it was for 20th level characters, which would be too tough to run if the players don’t know the system.

So, I’ll make one myself. I usually write my own modules anyway.

It’ll be a three part adventure that I’ll run over the holidays at Spielbar. I don’t want to interfere with the thursday night game (or lose a chance to roll dice as a player), so maybe on a Sunday or Monday? 13th/14th, 20th/21st, and 27th/28?

If you want to play, let me know when is good for you and I’ll try to come up with something that works for everyone who can play.

3.5 D&D rules, 7 players max, so whoever posts first is in. Attendance at all three sessions would be preferred, but not required.

Some D&D experience would help but is not required. I will make characters (and I make killer characters), or if you know the system, you can make your own, with the following rules…

-12th level character
-good alignment
-at least one level in a divine-ish class (cleric, paladin, ranger, druid). Multi- class characters are fine. i.e you could be a Barbarian/Druid or Monk/Cleric, etc
-high powered campaign point buy for ability scores
-136k budget for starting gear (1.5x normal, but you will need it!)
-any item, feat, skill, spell, race or class from the core books, the “complete” books (complete warrior, complete divine, etc) and the Faerun campaign setting. I have PDFs of all these books, shoot me your email address if you want them)

If you want me to make you a character, let me know at least two days before we play.

:smiling_imp: [color=#FF0000]“Abandon hope all ye who enter”.[/color] :imp:

I’d be interested, although it’ll probably depend on the specific date whether I’ll be able to make it.
As for scheduling - how about a doodle?

Same for me. I’d be interested but I’m leaving Vienna for the end of year celebrations early on the 23rd of December.

Hmm, thinking about it now, maybe it would be simpler to schedule it one session at a time. It doesn’t have to be wrapped up during the holidays, that is just a preference.

If you can only make one or two sessions, that is also no problem.

And great idea about doodle. Here’s the link…

Count me in. And can you throw in me some books, except PHB?

Will do NullSoLog. Does that mean you are making your own character?

Anybody who wants me to make them a character, please let me know here, as well as indicating any race and class preferences.

It looks like the majority rules, so it will be Monday evening. Also, I have a RPG buddy who can only make it on Monday.

Thopthes, no way you can come Monday? If not, maybe you can make it for the 2nd session, which I will schedule after Monday.

Thopthes, no way you can come Monday? If not, maybe you can make it for the 2nd session, which I will schedule after Monday.[/quote]
Unfortunately Monday is usually pretty crowded but I might make it to the 2nd session.

Sorry, but the gamers that were going to play can’t make it, so we don’t have enough for a game. I’ll put up another doodle for next week and see if we can get at least 4 players.


Given the intermittent nature of getting a game together over the holidays, I am going to put this idea on hold until I know I can get enough people who can commit to playing over 2-3 sessions.

However, I have a campaign that I can run that which is a lot more flexible, but I’ll start a new thread for that…

I’m interested, but will be going on secondment again for two weeks at the end of January and in March/April for three.