Pagan Pacts Playtesting (and other alliterations)

Hey everyone!

With all the news of big corporations being greedy it’s now as in as ever to support indie game designers. And what’s more indie than a hobby designer, right?

Anyways I have been revisiting a homebrewed game system of mine and have been getting some great responses. Now I want to ask for your feedback.

Pagan Pacts is a game set in a fantasy viking age, where all that was once magical was conquered by the humans, except for one island. There the spirits of nature have reclaimed their rightful lands and all heroes who set foot on it must sooner or later decide whose side they are really on.
Overall I’d call it a more grounded fantasy than maybe the most popular modern fantasy games.

Mechanics wise it’s relatively simple. The full PDF is 16 pages by now, with easily more than half being lore and examples. There are only 4 Attributes and I don’t really care much for inventory and the likes. The main draw are the Tokens, a short-lived currency which gives sizeable bonuses to rolls. They make melee combat much more varied and exciting in my opinion. And that has shown in all play testing sessions so far.

So please check it out and if you’re curious, send me a message so I can keep you updated for the next playtesting sessions.



And Alternate Alliterations. :slight_smile:

Omitted opportunities…

Also I have now recorded a podcast episode, where I talk about the setting and the most important mechanics / design goals.

Check it out here.