Outdoor Session: DnD at the University Campus

If there is still space, I’d prob be able to make it as well. Happy to play at either table :smiley:

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If enough people are interested I could finally try to run a session in the MINIOOONS setting. This would require morally ambiguous characters. (think: underlings of a cartoon villain)

MINIOOONS concept summary

The basic idea would be that the players are among the lowest ranked minions of a BBEG and don’t have their bosses confidence yet to be sent on “proper” missions to advance the goals of evil. To keep them occupied the BBEG sends them on missions of very VERY minor importance to be a bit of a nuissance to his enemies. Cartoonish villainy ensues. (think: “Oh. That was kinda mean.” rather than “My god… what have we done?”)

This wouldn’t be a mini-series but rather a bunch of semi-connected Oneshots, with some Hombrew Rewards to keep track of what each minion has accomplished so far. (There might be some Meta-Plot stuff further down the line - depends on how this works out)

For this to work I’d ask my players to create their characters accordingly → You don’t have to be super evil but you have to be at least somewhat okay with working for a BBEG.

I will also make sure to prep an alternative adventure which, will work regardless of character choice.

Both adventures will be T2 (although I could probably also improv a T1 if necessary).

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Are we going to steal Selûne? And if we do a good job, do we get banana? :banana: :DDD

I remember reading that when they first brought in other writers to write on the Realms, the first rule was “Don’t destroy the moon”, and the last rule was “No, seriously, don’t destroy the moon”…

Can’t remember where I found that publishing history.

If you steal Selune, you will anger certain paladins… :slight_smile:

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No matter what you do, you will always anger certain paladins. :stuck_out_tongue: There’s a lot of paladins with wildly different convictions and you can’t possible please them all.

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Unfort I won’t be making it today. Hope yall have lots of fun :blush: :heart:


I won’t make it today either. Have fun!

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/djCYKbVp9XYfKgc29

Hof 2


So, it seems to be raining, meaning our tables will be/are wet. Do you want to wait it out, move the session to another day or perhaps just have a cup of coffee instead?

Current radar image. Looks like there might be more coming, but the cell seems to move very slowly.

Edit: looks like it is passing north of us, with just a drizzle here, like now.

Edit2: no rain anymore. We’re good to gow!

@Stracci when he sees a Goliath Rip_and_tear

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