Orphan player looking for foster group

Hi all!
I’ll have a temporary work assignment in Vienna for three months starting this August, leaving my gaming group behind, which means I’ll be at risk of D20-deprivation for the next several weeks.
I’ve mostly played in Pathfinder campaigns with my group back in Jakarta (I’ll be leaving an unfinished Kingmaker campaign :frowning: ), but I also have some (limited) experience with Numenera.
Unfortunately, I haven’t spent any skill points in linguistics so I can only join English-speaking groups :blush:
Any groups having a vacant slot open for short-term member?

You could join the one-off games every Thursday in Spielbar…


we meet at the SpielBar - 1080 Wien, Lederergasse 26
(almost) every week at Thursdays 7:30 pm

we do OneShots, so there is no problem showing up just for occasion
(there was some ongoing stuff from time to time though, but this was rather the exception)

this week it’s Star Wars
(with pregenerated characters to choose from)

if you want to show up, just post in the relevant weekly Thursdays Group threat

^ What the gungan says…