[Organization] The Red Hand of Doom Finale (VALUE)

Note This is not a VALUE Friday/Saturday Game post

I want to run the finale for Red Hand of Doom for VALUE. But because several players can’t join on Friday I want to make a game on a separate day. The game is in Tier 4 (level 17-20) but if you are high level T3 or can reach T4 before the game starts you can also join.

There are a few people who have preferred seating since they have been part of the campaign for over 4 sessions and which is why I want them in the game. If you haven’t been part of the game or been part for less than 4 sessions please post below and fill out the when2meet below. This will take 2 sessions so I will pick two dates. https://www.when2meet.com/?21779771-vl9yj

Note You need to have a T4 or high T3 character in the VALUE game to join this game.


I only played 2 sessions… But I want revenge after being resurrected

Edit: for mobile they interface is awful

I also only played for two or three sessions as far as I can remember, but would like to join, unleahsing Bahamut’s wrath upon the Red Hand of Doom.

Saturday & Sundays might work, if no other date might be found … so consider those dates ‘yellow’

1st WE every month def. won’t work though

Garas(hhhhh) - A Wizard who prepared himself all the time for this moment would love to join enter already my times

Looks the dates will be:

Friday the 3.11 The Last Fortress

Wednesday the 8.11 The Final Dance

(Wednesday the 15.11 reserve session in case the 3.11 doesn’t work)


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