ORBITAL (Online narrative SciFi OneShot)

I’d like to play the Indie RPG of …


that is a dm-less, diceless, narrative SciFi Indie RPG

Imagine an all-consuming interstellar war, spread across a vast galaxy and involving trillions of willing and conscripted participants. Then imagine a lone space station, floating in the cosmos, that is somehow set apart from this conflict.

Through significant effort and fortuitous circumstance this place has remained unaffiliated and relatively peaceful, providing a sanctuary for the lovers and thinkers who refuse to side with the two warring powers.

But this hard-won neutrality is not secure, not even slightly. There’s always someone offering vital resources in exchange for a little influence, or plotting to displace our leaders, or smuggling military equipment into forgotten corners of the station.

Holding off these myriad threats is an informal network of dependable sorts, each with a stake in the continuing vitality of the station. These characters; politicos, artisans, brokers and so on, may not be officially recognised leaders—but their influence is felt strongly across the community.

They might not get along — they might not even like each other. But they are united by their belief that the station is a cherished place that must be protected. The question is: when the pressure is rising, can they put their differences & personal motivations aside for the good of the community?

possible dates:

  • Friday, 10th of December 7 p.m.

what you would need:

  • Discord for voicechat
  • Miro (if you have an account it’d help … but it is not needed)

how long this will take:

  • this largely depends on how tired we will be on that day … I’d say let’s play for about 2h and then check with everybody :slight_smile:

how many players:

  • excluding me +3 or +4 players would be great

if someone is interested or has questions,
post here, write me a pm, or hit me up on Discord


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Heyo, I’d like to join.

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So basically: Gen X during the Millennial-Boomer Wars?


(Yeah, count me in for this one. Thanks - looking forward to it!)

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Sounds fun. I’m in as well.

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awesome :smiley:


so far:

Players - Friday, 10th of December 7 p.m.; Discord & Miro
:space_invader: @Darthbinks
:space_invader: @Fridi
:space_invader: @H
:space_invader: @irx
:space_invader: @S_journ
:space_invader: @SilentButDeadly
----- FULL -----

more details later :slight_smile:

I’d like to join too if there’s still some space left.

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If you feel crazy and take a 6th player, I can also join.

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@SilentButDeadly & @S_journ

welcome on the station! :star:

I will send out the details later the coming days


Plot twist: The two AIs were the star-crossed lovers the whole time.

Thanks for a fun evening!

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was fun :smiley:

… and so finally NEON VALHALLA STATION returned to the Otherverse

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