Opening for a Call of Cthulhu playtest today (5/31) - UPDATE

Hi all,

I’ll be running a Call of Cthulhu (modern) play test scenario tonight (Friday) and ought to have room for one more at the table. If you’re up for a short-notice game, drop me a line.

Happy Feiertag,

They say that no good deed goes unpunished, but every once in a while, the opposite is true and those deeds bring unexpected rewards …

I unexpectedly find myself with an extra copy of the published scenario, and thought I’d pass it on to somebody who helped playtest it. If you’d like to have it for your collection, just drop me a line.

Only one, unfortunately, so if more than one person wants it, I’ll roll dice and come up with a small consolation prize for the others.

Enjoy, and thanks again for your help!

Well, I’d love it, but I don’t want to deprive any of the other playtesters from it…

Same here.
I’d be in for the raffle but there’s no need for a consolation prize if someone else wins…

H, make a contest out of this. A small tournament.

Well, I suppose that would … wait a minute, you sneaky guys are just trying to trick me into running another tournament! :mrgreen:

OK, I’ll think about this. (No promises whatsoever, though.)

Uh, I like that idea. :slight_smile:

OK, I have a couple ideas for a small challenge, but see two potential drawbacks. Firstly, it would take up an entire evening. And secondly, there would potentially be DM subjectivity involved, which is generally fine and unavoidable, but potentially an issue with something (even something small) at stake. What say you?

Incidentally, if you enjoyed this, there may be another opportunity for some playtesting soon. Stay tuned …

Two potential options:

A quick (10 min), slightly silly game (non-RPG) which we could do tonight, or an evening-long, offbeat RPG challenge at some future date.

Your call. :sunglasses:

How could we possibly turn that down? :ugeek:

How does next week sound for this? Are you all going to be around?


raises hand Even I should be available if that’s fine.

Sure thing

All right, looks like we have a date. I’ll pencil it in …