Open RPG at VirtuBar

OK, this bites.

Enough of this lockdown business. Who’s up for a game on Thursday?

It’ll have to be virtual, of course, but what can you do. At least the drinks will be cheap. Call of Cthulhu, perhaps? Might be fun to save the world by traveling to exotic locations while we save the world by staying inside.

Anybody have a stable non-roll20 vidchat they can offer?

Hope everybody’s well. Stay safe! worked pretty well for our tests at work (and is completely free)

I would love to join a game. CoC sounds great!

Would be able to offer zoom - pro version (so no breaks after 45 mins).


I’m in

Regarding video chat. I’ve used the following before (not all for gaming):

Skype - People just need an account and are good to go.
Slack - Needs some initial setup but still easy to use. Has a browser version, so people might not need to install anything.
Zoom - Quality wise probably the best I’ve seen for video chats. I think there is a browser version.
Discord - Haven’t used the video chat feature yet. Has this D&D bot that can be used to roll dice, so people can see what the others rolled.

Sounds good, I’m in!

For some reason, Skype tends to drop me down if the discussion is >1 hour, Discord (Voice chat only) has been tested and works really well with the dice bot.

I’m in!

All right! Going to be a large group, but we’ll manage.

Chat and bug fixes around 7:45, characters at 8, show starts at 8:15?

Ted’s zoom sounds like a good option. Thank you.

It’ll probably be a fairly basic adventure. 30s maybe. Pulpy. Nothing terribly ambitious or deep (or well prepared), just a little bit of escapism. Socially distancing socially.

Be well and see you tomorrow!

Great! In that case I’ll set it up and PM you guys the password for the created session.

Thank you, sir!

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how did this work out? :slight_smile: good enough to do it again? :slight_smile:

It worked out quite well. We didn’t finish in the first session, so we’ve been (and still are) playing the same game.

Still going. This inadvertently turned into a mini-campaign.

It’s great. I don’t have to do any preparation. The minute I say anything, no matter how innocuous, the players spend the next hour and a half plotting and planning. “You’re in a small town and–” “Let’s forge an extraterrestrial mineral and take tastefully-lit photographs!” “OK, you’re on a boat and–” “Let’s infiltrate the galley and bake muffins!”

Sadly, one of them has snuck off to a place where there might actually be a clue or two, so I might actually have to do some DMing tonight. Oh well.


Sounds like dream players to me