Open Game Night - Thursday 15 July, 7:30pm

Hi folks,

Anyone coming this week? I may bring a friend from work if there’s a game on. If nobody else has something to run, some people have shown a little curiosity about the Roll For Shoes system I mentioned previously, I could run a silly dungeon crawl if necessary.

I’ll be there. Roll for Shoes sounds fun - and definitely better for slapstick than Dread.

Alternatively, or if we have two tables, I’d still like to try Murder of Mr. Crow at some point.

See you there!

Naturally, something has now come up. Apologies, I promise to run Roll for Shoes when I’m back in August.

I am planning on being there and can run something, although I am not quite sure what yet

I’ll be there. Can play/run as needed.

I should be there.

I’ll be there. I’ll need it after this week. I’m not trying to be deliberately vague, I’m trying to avoid slapping y’all with TMI, but I am having am incredibly painful… procedure is the best word, but it still exaggerates the situation slightly… on Wednesday, and I’ll definitely need a pick me up. I like H’s mysteries.

IIRC, we managed to make Dread ENTIRELY slapstick. But that’s our special gift.

I’ll drop by :slight_smile:

Everybody gets one superpower.

I’m thinking of running a game of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire…

Oh yes - anybody up for a board game before the main event? Wiz War or Bomb Squad or something like that?

Scrap that - something intervened, and I won’t be able to make it tonight. Sorry, guys - catch you next week.

Oh well, then I’ll replace you at the Star Wars (or other) game

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