Open DnD5e VALUE games. Beauty lies in the eye of the Beholder

Please announce here if you are planning to come to this weeks open dnd games ^^

I am not coming myself and if I do it will be a last minute thing.

I’d love to play in my first session this week. Just tell me what I should prepare and I’ll be glad to be there. (i.e. should I build and fill out a level 1 character sheet ahead of time or would i do that when I arrive and after I sit down with a GM)

I will be there with my T2 druid.

@Mexikorn you can prepare your level 1 character at home, but you can also just take an empty sheet and fill it out at the location with the help of other players. You can also borrow dice if you don’t have your own. Usually the first players show up at around 18:00, so there’s enough time to prepare and to create your character if you didn’t already do that at home. We usually start playing at around 19:30.

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Cooomin playing or Dming, well see.

I am coming as a player :grin:

coming to play T1/2/3

Coming to DM - Starting a Small T3 Campaign - l11 characters can apply. The campaign will take three to five sessions to complete (hopefully - unless you decide to fight everything that moves) and I would consider it a high risk, high reward adventure. Max six spots available. FCFS.

Signed up for my table:

Will join with my ranger T3 /L11 - no risk , no fun :wink:

Cool, would like to book a spot for a lvl 11 bladesinger. Plans may change however, will let y’all know

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Ooooh. Im in

I’d like to join with my lvl 11 druid

I would like to join with my lv 11 bard.
If it’s already full I’m going to dm a T2

I’d like to join with my level 2 sorcerer :slight_smile:

I’ll be along - happy to play T1/T2 or GM T1; got a bunch of CCC adventures from a bundle.

Hey, will also be able to join again this friday. Will bring a T1

I’ll be there, got t2 or I can make a t1 there if necessary

Hey I can bring a character of of tier 1 to 3

I’ll be there with T1 or T2

I’ll be there with T1/T2 characters.

gonna be there with t1/t2 characters