Open DnD 5e @ Cafe 1070 V.A.L.U.E Friday Game evening. The more, the merrier

As per usual. Everyone is welcome to the games. Please write here if you are coming, and announce your tier of play.
I will most likely play this week. Though there is a chance that I will not be there;)

I’ll be there again, with tier2 characters (can make them tier1 if only tier1 games are free).

Will also be there again (lmop). Have t2 and t1 characters

Will also join T1/T2 characters

Will be DMing LMoP and hopefully actually make some progress in the story xD

Edit: Okay getting a bit full at 8 players now, 9 if @Tatze comes today.
Current list of players:
@capu +1(?)


i’ll try to be there as a player (T1 most likely)

T1/T2 here!

While I’m a bit rusty regarding the rules (haven’t played for a while now) and am completely new to this community, I would like to join a game on Friday with a T1 character. Will there be some veterans there before 1900 who could give me a short refresher course?

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I’ll be there for the first time with a level 1 character. Looking to join any group.

If we are too many players I can run a new ToA campaign or some homebrew (a oneshot or a short campaign. 4-8 sessions). The homebrew is a bit unfinished and not AL legal and would be just for fun.

ToA starts at level 1.
Th homebrew stuff level 4 or 5.

I’ll be at rayce_kaisers table again, t1
Will also likely bring a friend who’s new to VALUE

If there is a free place at your table, I would love to join.

I’ll be there with t1/2 characters.

Will also bring a T1 adventure just in case.

Sadly I will not be there this week;)

Nevermind, I can’t come on Friday. Kinda sick here. :confused:

I’m there for LMoP

I would like to come with a t1
I can have a t1 adventure prepared if needed

I’ll be there for LMoP

Will come with t1/2 characters and a backup t1 adventure (possibly also a t2 if there is interest)

doesn’t look good for me being there, if i’m not there by 19:00 don’t wait on me for anything

Have you played at my table before?