Open DnD 5e @ Cafe 1070 V.A.L.U.E Friday Game evening. The more, the merrier

Last week gnome arcane trickster lv4

I’ll come with a T1/T2 character

I’ll be there with a t1 character.
Guess i am working instead… Hope to join next week.

Cool, yeah, you’ve deffo got priority seating then xD

After quite a long hiatus I would also attend tonight. If there is still a seat available for LMoP I would very much like to join again with my warlock.
Otherwise just any t1 game.

Sadly I have to cancel my first session. I just left work early because I have a splitting headache. Seems like I’m getting ill and I will have to spend the rest of the weekend in bed instead -.-

I hope you have a good time and with a little bit of luck we will see each other next week.

I took cellar of death with me. That’s a pre-adventure oneshot for ToA. AL level T1.

I’m also bringing a box of small minis I 3d printed. They don’t look necessarily perfect since most are not sanded but some of you might be interested in what I can make for you.

Woaw almost forgot to sign up. I’ll be there for lmop.
@Rayce_Kaiser how could you forget me :sob:

Hey guys I have a T2 game ready if there is interest. Dark Pyramid of Sorcerer’s Isle. I’m a long time dm but first time AL dm. Jaro has introduced me to AL gaming and I’m willing to give it a shot. Is there interest?

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Yes, because people know me by my birthname here xD

Welcome to VALUE xD

@PatrickD I believe you have T2 characters, so would it be possible to ask you to go to @GodKingTom’s table? @capu is bringing a newb friend and it would be better to have them play together.

Sure no problem would be fun finally play with my ranger again. @GodKingTom I’m totally interested :smile:

I may be able to come, in which case I will bring my T2 Kenku Rogue

I’d like to participate in the T2 adventure with my druid.

I’ll also participate in the t2 adventure with either my sorlock or my wizard.

gona come tier 1

Was prepping a T2…but will leave it for another time and join Tom’s game with a lvl 5 eldritch knight

Coming today with a friend of mine, complete newbs.

@Nepu @Mourni With the amount of players, at least one of you will need to run an adventure xD

Okay, I’m more or less prepared for it. I got the required stuff on me. We can decide when both me and nepu are there.

Just got home from work, will be a tad late, hope there is still a spot for me, T1/2. For glory!