Open D&D Table - Episode 77: Shacklekeep Stories

Brand new format: introducing … Shacklekeep Stories! Draw closer to the fire and listen to a tale of our adventurers’ past …

Plus … a halfquarterling cameo!

Yep, it’s time for some D&D.

If you’d like to play D&D like it’s '83, drop me a line. This is a good jumping-on point.

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Fighting white space at a classic location: the ravine :slight_smile:

Map - ravine - cave 6 - dangerous cave - 2024-05-30

The full list of sessions (and some other stuff) can be found at Dernard’s Notes: AD&D (2022) , a short summary of the session can be found at Session 77 – “Shacklekeep Stories”

Just one more point on that damage roll, and Shacklekeep would have had its first - rather small - ghost!

And the worst part would have been, that the slime ate all his gold. What’s the point of a PC dying if you can’t loot him afterwards? :smiley:

I think I just heard Nigel scream in anguish.