Open D&D Table - Episode 76: Do the Sand Dance

So nice, we’re doin’ it twice.

D&D like it’s '83. Want to join? Drop me a line. This one’s probably a pretty good jumping on point.

Map - pyramid tomb - 2024-05-20

The full list of sessions (and some other stuff) can be found at Dernard’s Notes: AD&D (2022) , a short summary of the session can be found at Session 76 – “Only you can prevent forest fires”

Excellent title.

But you know this is only going to encourage me to fill the game with oozes and slime and Nigel rolling on the infection table until we actually get “Secrets & Secretions” …

Oh no … please no … don’t … how would Nigel survive? … I couldn’t stand if he got infected again, and again, and again … :grin:

Why. Nigel is the only straightforward fighter, no sinister anything, no multiclass. Good, helps and saves others.

Agreed! Nigel’s a peach.

Now roll percentile dice …

sigh… 77