Open D&D Table - Episode 74: Begged the Clouds for Rain

Whoops, kinda late on this post.

Oh well.


Let’s play some D&D.

Every week i see you posting this on the forum, and always wonder what this is about? Could you enlighten me?

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metoo… what is this open table?

It is… an experience.

We’re playing DND like in the olden days. ADND. With a few modifications we players don’t have to care much about. DM does all the magic and THAC0 stuff. Basically we’re starting out as normal guys, not heroes as you do in 5e. Also it’s unbalanced - no point buy, you roll for your stats. Also monster encounters are unbalanced - sometimes you just have to run for your life, or avoid a confrontation altogether.

As for the “open table” part it, everybody’s welcome. You can join at any point (though there are storylines that span multiple sessions, so there are better jumping on points than others)

DnD like in the olden days, with the Ancients present, dice carved from the bones of the fallen as it was meant to be!

Reworked the world map a little bit, to make it easier to add new locations.

Everything else is documented at AD&D (2022) , with a summary of this session at Session 74 - “Are you going to clean the sticky princess?”.