Open D&D Table - Episode 6: In which the dwarves meet for the first time

Summer in Vienna means one thing … Parklife!


Sunday afternoon, one spot still open. Word of caution: There may be an excess of dwarves in this one.

Survivors of Episode 5: In which a rescue is effected against stiff odds indeed each receive 145 xp in addition to other treasure and benefits.

The Merchants’ Guild extends its best regards.

Is the spot still open?
If so, when and where?

should still be open, yes. 1500 Türkenschanzpark. meet at the fountain at entrance from Dänenstrasse bus station.

then watch as the DM goes from slightly grumpy to really grumpy as he fails to kill off the dwarves :joy:

Dwarves? Toast.

I transcribed my map notes into something more readable.
This map doesn’t show actual sizes/lengths of things, but rather the overall layout.
Maybe useful for the future.

Hi, I am a buddy of hardvark, who has participated a couple times. I am running his “normal” campaign, would it be ok to join and take a look behind the screen to get some pointers of how this game is run? First time DM, 7 sessions into storm kings thunder, 5-6 players.

The dwarves survived!

Tremble before the power of the shiled wall… ermm… almost wall…

Anyhow. Hail the shield parapet!

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Hi k.ehrl,

Sure, you’re more than welcome to join. You’re also welcome to look behind the screen as much as you like, although you might be disappointed. The fun stuff happens on the players’ side.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Clucking dwarves. :b

Even with two dwarves, the party had to leave someone behind. Just a bit short of perfect yet again…

the levitating chicken had it coming

Not to worry about leaving someone behind. To make things even, something followed you home …

Oops. Spoiler.

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