Open D&D Table - Episode 4: In which

Monday being a holiday and the last foray having been such a success, what are your thoughts on keeping the momentum going? If running away screaming from things that go bump in the night sounds like your idea of a good time, drop me a line!

Last session …

Sadly, there was another death to mourn. But the survivors of Episode 3: In which small opponents prove even more dangerous than large, the difference between bags and sacks is debated, and a significant number of coins are discovered within, each receive a total of 147 xp for their troubles.

Additionally, with all outstandings debts now paid, no character will have to kick off the next session by washing dishes in the tavern.


I’m back in Vienna and can join on Monday


(Still a spot or two open, should anybody wish to join. Seeya!)

I made it there!!!

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Hey, if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere!

Abusing admin powers for the sake of a silly pun?

Well done!

Abusing admin powers? Is there any more noble use?!