Open D&D 5E @ 1070

I can promise loot. I am not promising lute.

I’ll be there with T1 (lvl3) & T2 (lvl8) characters.

Bring also a T1 adventure.

I will prepare a T2 AL one-shot adventure as well. AL s8/9 and VALUE characters are welcome. It’s intended as an open session…let’s see the turn out and who brings what…
Edit: Adventure is titled ‘Herald of the Moon’

I will join with a T1 char if there is a still place available

I’ll be there with a T1 and a T2 Char.
Would love to join your game Samgiblett.

Coming with a +1 to Play Tier1 :smile:
Edit: if possible @ samgibletts or joeders table

I’ll come for Crystalline City

I’ll be there, tier 1 fighter

I’d join samgibletts table, or cat4laughs if he has to dm

Currently 3-5 DMs with 22 Players

Resil DMing with:
Umbreon Warrior

Samgiblett Dming T1 with:
Cat4Laugh?? *may DM
Nepu & +1 (if Cat4laugh is DMing)

Joeder T1 Adventure ot T1/T2 character
Nepu & +1?

Atoh-nym T2 adventure T1/T2 Character

Cat4laugh T1 adventure?
Capu T1

Patrick T1/2 character
Publius T1
blueblaze T1
Atoh-Nym +1

Would I still be able to join with a t1 character?


I am also bringing +1 T1 player

Looks like not enough T2 players, mostly T1.
Will try to prepare a backup T1

i sadly have to say that i will be staying home this time.
My legs hurt from and i dont fell like walking forever XDD

@Resil is there a place for me too? I’m ager to play :slight_smile:


Thank you my players for a great session:)

Thanks to my players for a fun session. @Rayce_Kaiser I am sorry for the magic item that fruitcake returns with… But at least we stopped him from burning anything down and gave him a fear of potatoes.

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What’s the worst that could happen? XD