Oohhh..., why hello there!

Hello there everybody,

My name is May and I’m a bloody noob at Pen&Paper.
I really really enjoy fantasy stuff and RPGs.

So here’s the deal: a few friends of mine wanted to try “Finsterland”,
we bought the book and tried it, the thing is that nobody wanted to be the GM… which obviously sucks.

My best friend (Burgersim) and I would really like to start/join a Pen&Paper group.

We’re looking for a GM with patience and skill and maybe more people to join.
Preferably a fantasy themed Pen&Paper.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you guys

I am just gonna add myself here officially, because my friend already wrote the essential things down ^^

hope there will be some interesting people to meet ^^


Hello guys!

Welcome on board!

I don’t know of any regular group recruiting at the moment, but one might spring up if enough players are interested…

In the meantime, we have a regular gaming evening, almost every Thursday at the Spielbar, near Alser Strasse. Games played vary, in the last few weeks we even had several sessions when two groups played at the same time…
Game varies from one week to the other and so do the DM…

It is a good opportunity for newbies to discover several game systems and see if they like one or the other better…

Welcome aboard !

Simon said it perfectly, so… see you soon !

Welcome !!!