Online games during the lockdown?

Hi all,

since we won’t be able to meet for a while starting next week I was wondering if you guys are up to regular online DnD games?

I know people are playing with their own groups on the side, but would be nice to have one-shot sessions online every Friday.

I’m sure I’m rushing into open door here, but just in case :slight_smile:


I would definitely be up to online VALUE :slight_smile:

maybe I will dm something down the road…
but if I would, I’d would rather dm something more rules-light / lockdown friendly then D&D

… no promises

Easier said than done. Playing online via discord has its perks, but if u want and need a map what you are going to use a tabletop (roll20…etc) . If so the dm need time to make a map token 4 player, so tables has to be filled at least a day before ! We are struggling to sit every one on Friday at 7 that’s why I have a little bit in disbelief in it but I would love to be proven wrong. I believe there is a way to make it work !(Premade Char. etc) this more a topic 4 discord!

most of that can be compensated by using as everybody just can move their own token onto the map (and there are generic tokens present already), but yes there is more work for dms with online play and the overall experience is not the same


as @Tersidian said, cannot recommend enough :+1:

although as @KKevin has already stated, showing up spontaneously for Online Fridays won’t be a thing

… aside from the fact that online dm-ing needs a lot more prep anyway
(that’s also a reason why I would dm rule-light systems online only)

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I think it may work over the Owlbear. All we need is a map, zoom and few players. I’ll try to set a game next or following week if time allows.

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instead of zoom create a Discord server and use this bot

have fun :slight_smile:

Sweet bot, will check it out. Thanks!

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