One-Shot Rpg about Pilgrims (Sins & Virtues)


I intend to run a unique one-shot game based on (with some own modification of) Sins & Virtues, where:

  • 3+ Players join to a merchant caravan (one of them will be the merchant) as pilgrims to reach a holy site.
  • The road is however full with challenges and perils, like floods, bad weather, bandits, famine, thievery
  • The characters (as mentioned) are pilgrims, not epic heroes, with limited resources and abilities
  • As for mechanics, the players not only have to survive to reach their goal, but based on their acts they are constantly morally evaluated, whether they will finish in hell or in heaven by the end of the game. Thus players can start as sinners, on the path of redemption or holy persons, destined for downfall.
  • The game shall be played on Discord, takes approx. 2-3 hours and requires no preparation/previous knowledge.

Are you interested? If yes, please respond in the forum and if there is enough interest, I’ll make a Doodle for timing.

I’m interested

I don’t know if I’ll find the time but I’m definitely interested.

Welcome back, @ThatGuyTed! Sure, if we will have a bit more players, I’ll make a doodle and we try to find a fitting time to everyone.

As some firends might join this game, here is a doodle for it to find a suitable date

As most of us will be free tomorrow (Monday, 14th night), I’ll run the one-shot then.
See you tomorrow!

Alright, see you tomorrow

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