Old Olga and Young Yvonne (a one-shot adventure for D&D 5E)

Hey everyone! At long last - my next DMs Guild title finally made it online: Old Olga and Young Yvonne!

If you are looking for a Tier 1 one-shot with lots of flexibility, a mix of social, combat and exploration encounters, a mystery to solve in an isolated village setting, some minor horror elements, and lives to save - this may be for you.

There were numerous delays in bringing this out, mainly that it grew from a 20-page one-shot into some sort of a mini-campaign setting or sandbox with 60 pages ^^ This includes the following features:

  • an original custom creature, the young witch
  • 12 fleshed out NPCs, including personality traits and roleplaying tips
  • a toolset for quickly creating villager NPCs
  • 7 hand-drawn maps of important locations
  • 3 player handouts with clues
  • 4 alternative story rewards (depending on how the players resolve the adventure)

It is pay-what-you-want, so check it out if any of this appeals to you! If you have any comments or criticism, I’d be happy to hear them - ratings on DMs Guild are especially appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats on releasing the new adveture:)

I would love to play it with you once :wink:

I’d love to DM a few of my D&D one-shots that are published or in playtesting/production right now for the forum group - hopefully I can clear some time in summer :slightly_smiling_face: