Numenera - Anyone want to try it?

Hello girls & boys! So as most people are probably aware, there’s a Humble Bundle up for the whole Numenera shebang. I picked it up and glanced over the setting, rules, and character building. It looks really interesting. The blend of science and magic and technohorror throughout its theme is really wonderful and the Player and GM Intrusions where you trade XP points back and forth in order to have a chance of influencing the story in different ways is a cool little collaborative storytelling technique.

Anyone wanna give one of the free starter adventures a shot at some point?

Those would be Spire of Hunting Sound, where faceless automatons from a different world whisk you away to a tower made of pure sound:

And Ashes of the Sea, where you get teleported to some strange other world and have to enter an oddly humanoid looking statue to find your way home:

I haven’t read into the adventures at all because I’d rather play than DM this one, but if needed I can try DMing as well if we get enough interest but no DMs.

Maybe we can run this sometime during a Thursday session or perhaps arrange another time?

I’d like to join as a player :slight_smile:

Count me in as a player :smiley:

I’d love to join as a player, but I’m totally new to the game so only if you’re accepting beginners.

I was planning on buying the bundle too. I usually have more fun dming things so I’d be willing to do just that. It’s just that I’m quite busy for a while and I’d still have to read into the entire thing.

If you guys are still interested in playing let’s say… In March? I’d be up either as player or DM.

If the thread ends up closed, just send me a DM at a later date as reminder.

Cheers, Mourni

I’d like to join as a player.

So, if it works for you @Mourni, then please prepare a one-shot introductory game in March (or when you have time) - possibly for a Thursday night.

Sounds great, March as a first target it is. :smile::+1: I’ll keep the thread open for now in case more people show up being interested, maybe we can get a round together sooner than that as well then.

Did some reddit reading - without knowing any details, the Spire of Hunting Sound is apparently incredibly overtuned for first-tier characters, so if you decide to prepare that maybe do some googling about it @Mourni.

Closer to the date I’ll post the pre-gen character lists from those 2 adventures so we save some admin time on the evening.

Alrighty, I’ll put a sticky note on my pinwall so I don’t forget. I also just bought the entire bundle.

I’ll open a new thread in the 1st or 2nd week of March and send you guys DMs to make sure I get your attention once its up.

Cheers, Mourni

I’d love to try it as a Player

Sounds great, I bought the bundle too. See you in march

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