Not sure how this whole tier stuff works …

In these „Vienna Open DnD 5e“ posts I always read about games that are suitable for T1/T2/etc characters. I think I get the general concept. T1 is from level 1 to 4, T2 from level 5 to 10 and so on. But I’m not sure how this plays out exactly. Can I just create a character of any level and then join a game of the appropriate tier? Do I always start at level 1 and fight my way from one level to another, earning my place in those higher tier games? Is there anything else I need to know?

According to our Value Rules it kind of goes like this:

  • You start at lv 1 and level up over time
  • at T1 you can create a character up to the level you have reached previously with any other character. i.e you had a character at lv4, so you can create a new character at lv 1-4.
  • once you reach the higher tiers, you can only create a character at the beginning of the tier. i.e. your last T2 character was lv 8, but any new T2 character would start at lv5.
  • similar for the other higher tiers.

Hope that was understandable. (If I got anything wrong please correct me)