Not so new to Vienna looking to RP

Greetings all,

I (29M) have been in Vienna for a while since moving here in January 2017 from the States. I’ve been trying to find, unsuccessfully, a group to play with, but I’m hoping that my searching is at an end. I’m most comfortable/ familiar with DnD5e, but am very much open to trying and learning new systems. My German is pretty good, but, as I do speak with a bit of an accent, English would probably be the better option. I look forward to meeting you all here on the forum as well as in person.

Hi Col,

how are you doing so far? My name is Chris (30M) and I am kind of in a similar situation as you. I moved to Vienna a few months ago and am interested to find a 5e group or create one myself. As for the language, either German or English is fine for me. I have experience as a player and DM and started my own homebrew campaign with a few friends back home.
I would be happy to get to know you and other interested players in the forum aswell as in real life for some offline hours of fun in a campaign. Although my working hours are always shifting I hope to find a group of people to meet more or less regularly.


Hey. I just moved to Vienna a couple of month ago and would also like to find a group here. If you guys are up for it we could grab a beer and get to know each other.

Heyo, a bit of thread necro here, but posting to be sure :smiley:
I already met @Col_Mustard_Ret at one of the Friday VALUE games, but would extend the invitation to the rest.

Friday’s at Cafe 1070 is a great way to meet folk to play D&D with. Please be sure to announce yourself by Thursday Noon though, as seats at tables are becoming a premium. Hope to see you guys there :smiley:

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