Next weekly game 3rd of July

[size=120]Simon’s group continues in this 2 part series of Victorian Superheroes badassery. Afterwards he might throw another short adventure in the same setting of Kerberos![/size]
Players: Stephan. Hexerei, AmLash

[size=120]-H- will DM something less Madonnaesque, less experimental.
This time even with plot, check it out!
If Cthulhu makes it, he’ll call. If not, things will be looking Grimm.[/size]
prerequest for players: foolhardiness.
Players: Drew Nathan Uts (Thopthes)

People showing up: Chylli, Philipp, Alrik

Time: 19:00

Place: Spielbar, Lederergasse 26

Post here if you are coming and want to DM/play, at which group you want to play. I’ll try to keep the first post updated.


Alright, just a quick reminder that I am still planning on running the second part of the Victorian RPG this Thursday.

If we have enough time, I will add a short adventure of my own devising in the same setting to round up the night.

I people are interested, there is still room for more players…

If we have enough time, I will add a short adventure of my own devising in the same setting to round up the night.

I people are interested, there is still room for more players…[/quote]
I’d be interested but I reckon it depends on how we’re gonna split the party this time.

I didn’t know that, but that’s cool. I’ll cook something up.

Er, yes, well. Um. Apologies for the, shall we say, unorthodox games recently. I’ve been experimenting a bit and trying to figure out a few things. Sorry if the games have at times seemed as aimless as a Madonna movie. I’m over it now. Truly.

So this week, if anybody is still foolhardy enough to take a seat at my table, I’ll run something a bit more traditional. Like with a plot, and an actual beginning and ending. Maybe even a middle, too.

If nobody at the table has played Grimm yet, I wouldn’t mind revisiting that. Otherwise, I’m thinking Call of Cthulhu. Have to keep that Total Party Fate Worse Than Death streak going …

I’ll be there for whatever is being played.

Confused by the new thread though… is this a thing now? New threads for each week? Might work to keep it clear.

That’s the idea, indeed.
Hopefully, it will help newcomers and irregular find games and jump in more easily…

Updated first post.
@Alrik: let’s try out this format, maybe it’ll work :slight_smile:. I’ll try to make a thread each week.

@Simon: what’s the name again of the Victorian RPG again?

Well - originally I actually planned on GMing something this week cause H said he wanted to join Simon’s game but life apparently doesn’t want me to find time enough time for that.
So I’m not sure when I’m gone make it tomorrow.

If I make it (in time) I’ll join the group that needs another player.

I’m Drew Nathan Uts and I won’t back down.

However I’ll be there.

I’ll also show up for once. It’s at 7 pm at Spielbar, right?

I can’t join tonight either :frowning: See you next week hopefully

@Philipp. Nice! See you soon!


@Simon: what’s the name again of the Victorian RPG again?[/quote]

Well, the ruleset is called Savage Worlds, but it is a somewhat general ruleset.
It aims at representing pulp stories from the turn of the century and because these were quite varied, from Tarzan to Flash Gordon to the Shadow or Doc Savage, the system is designed to be fairly agnostic…

The setting is called the “Kerberos club”.
As we discussed, it is a rarity as it has been written for no less than three totally different systems…

Thanks for the game, -H-! It was critical fun.

Thank you!

And next time we’re not even rolling for that shot. Why waste time grabbing the dice when we all know what’s going to happen anyway?