Now that it’s official, I can tell EVERYONE.

I have a job! I will start working for Erste Bank IT (assistant to the head of the projects department and junior project manager) on September 17.



So now, if they screw anything up again, I can call you directly? Cooool…

Only on amounts over 5MEuros. Otherwise it’s handled at the local branch level :smiley:.

Gratulierung! - it’s how the Bulgarians say it at my student home :wink:

That’s easy, just move the commas until it’s over 5M. What are friends with bank IT jobs for?

ok, since people asked, and since some of you on here are not ON Facebook, much less friends of mine, here is the update: … t-two-days

You left out the parts with the assassins and the spies and the gunfights and … :smiley:

Glad things were a bit less crazy in real life!