Greetings everyone!!

I’m Ibrahim, most of my friends call me Ebo. I’m a PhD student at TU Wien in biochemistry I arrived to Vienna a week ago. I would love to find a English-speaking D&D group who can foster a somehow a beginner player ( I do have experience playing D&D 5e based video games and tabletop based games) :sweat_smile:

I’m a 30 who is into music, playing the guitar, art and video games. I also will start learning German hopefully soon so it will be nice to get a little practice. In general would love to meet lovely people and hangout and make new friends.

Looking forward to meeting you!!

All the love Ebo

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Hey Ebo!
Welcome to the community. I can say that it’s a great place to find friends :slight_smile:

You’ve probably already figured out that the most active part is the Adventure League on friday nights at Spielbar Café Zehnsiebzig. Maybe that’s a good place to start out, expecially if you already know DnD a tiny bit.

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@ohmi just a slight correction, we tend to host RPG Vienna’s version of AL (V.A.L.U.E.) at cafe Zehnzibzig at the moment. But yes @UncleEbo that this the best place to meet people at the community. Also welcome @UncleEbo!


Hi :sun_with_face:

as already mentioned we host weekly V.A.L.U.E. D&D games at Café 1070 at Fridays
(that’s our version of Adventurer’s League)

(there had been an Indie RPG crowd at Spielbar at Thursdays, but it will take a while till they play in person again … although there are games-in-a-park popping up from time to time)

welcome :slight_smile:

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Welcome Ebo! Definitely recommend Friday DnD games in 1070 cafe.

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I’m definitely going to be there :slight_smile:

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