Newcomer to Vienna looking for DnD 5E group

Cheers fellow adventurers,

I am a PhD student from Lithuania and came to an internship program in Vienna for the month of September (I will be leaving on September 30th).

I am looking for an English speaking DnD 5E group I could join while I am here. I am willing to do one shots or pop into an ongoing campaign as a passing by adventurer.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
All the best,

Hello, Mikas!

We have an open game night every Thursday night at the Spielbar, starting around 7. It’s one-shots every time, anywhere from 1-3 groups depending on the number of people who show up. The bad news is that it almost certainly won’t involve 5E – people like to try out new stuff and, even, if more people show up than expected, improv their way through. But you would be absolutely welcome to join.