Newbies looking for a DnD group :)

Helloo, my friend and I (23) are looking for somebody or a group, who would be willing to put up with people who are almost new to DnD. We really want to get into DnD and having fun while playing. Both German and englisch groups are okay. :))

Thanks and we would love to hear from you!!


Welcome to the forum, there are Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons weekly games, just keep an eye on the posts for that and here you can find important house rules. :blush:

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And if you are looking for something more permanent then you can just keep a look out for DMs on these forums though they are hard to get a hold of sometimes :slight_smile:


Im also fairly new to the game and wouldnt mind joining something more permanent


thanks for your replies! @ImOuttie maybe we will find a DM :blush: