Newbie looking for a group near Vienna

First of all, Hello brave adventurers!

My Nickname is Red and I’m looking for a group to try out P&P Rpgs. I’m from Lower Austria but driving to Vienna shouldn’t be a problem :smile:

I want to get into P&P but have barely any playing experience, so finding a group that would welcome a noob like me would be great!

I really like fantasy settings, but I will gladly try out any other setting :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your replies, Red! :smile:

Welcome :slight_smile:

I’d recommend trying to come one of the thursday meetups where we play all kinds of p&p games, from very obscure systems to “mainstream” like d&d.
Probably starting next week there will be (semi)regular D&D 5E Adventure League meetups on fridays, which means on those days the focus will be on d&d.
For both of these things there will be a post on the forum where you can announce that you intend to come and check how many others will probably be present, as well as any other details (time and location, which usually will be ~19:30 and spielbar :smiley:)