(New) World of Darkness

I’m thinking about preparing a one shot for Vampire: The Requiem (which is one of the NWoD modules).
I probably would run it on the 21st december at the earliest, but i do have to refresh my memory on some of the rules as it has been a while since i last played and/or dmd it.

So i just wanted to figure out if there was interest for this :smiley: (A bit of a warning, i’m not a good horror dm, so it probably would be more on the mystery side)

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I have always wanted to play Vampire: The Requiem. At some point, some guy gave me the rulebooks with the idea that I would be interested in playing with his group. I devoured them. Unfortunately, it never came to pass.

For a one-shot? HELLS YES.

I think I wanted to be some kind of gypsy. But it was a LONG time ago.


I would definitely be interested as well but I would not have time to meet on 21st or after that date until the new year - Christmas craziness got me in its clutches already. So if enough people sign up for a game on that date just ignore my little vampire grin over here and have fun playing anyways. :vampire:

Otherwise: Happy to join.

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21st earliest is only because i can’t make it on the 14th :smiley:

But if you had enough interest, it could take place sometime other than a Spielbar night?

probaly yes, still need to prepare everything for it :smiley:

Are we talking about Requiem as it was printed or rather with the Godmachine rules?

I would kill to finally play a game of it. I got nearly all the book XD

i’ve pretty much got all books too, i’ve played for quite some time, but it has been a couple of years now :smiley:
and i’m talking about V:tR as printed, not godmachine

You sir will need to make this an campaign or else I will haunt you xD. Just to make sure, IF you only ever make it a oneshot will you provide Characters or should we build our own? My fingers are itching to fill some dots in.

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i’ve got a particular setting in mind for the one shot, which will require some premade characters, with some backstories, a short write up of what they remember (having recently come out of torpor) and stuff like that … so for the one shot it will be premade ones from me

and i fear i can’t handle another full blown campaign at the moment, running 2 full dnd campaigns and a playtest group as well as playing in 3 groups, doesn’t allow for another campaign run by me sorry :smiley:

jeezes O.O
6 games?
And I thought my 3 groups are time consuming xD

Hmmm, I will try my hardest to attend this oneshot then^^

And maybe just maybe I can muster up enough courage to DM next year even though I long to play in it XD

I shall be there, too (if you run on the week of 21th)

I would happily play any World of Darkness game - the 21st, or (probably) any Thursday in the new year would be fine.

I may be a little late on the 21st. But I will F-ing diablarize anyone and anything which stands in my way of getting a seat on that table.

Also when you say you cant make it next week because of refreshing reasons that is also fine. I have been in torpor long enough that a week or two more only inconvenience ourselvesssszZzZzZzZ

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