New World of Darkness - possible one shot (or short campaign)

I kind of feel like doing one of these again in the future (probably in january, at least it’s unlikely that i’ll have time for it earlier than that)

It would be a Vampire: The Requiem play, I’d prefer to not do pregen characters this time around, so we would need to plan for people to create characters (i can make the necessary rules available to players that are confirmed once a date is set)

This thread is mainly to see if there is enough interest for me to put in the work :slight_smile: (i’ll need to familiarize myself with the rules again, i only have a faint recollection of them :smiley: , and then write a bit of a scenario for what i have in mind)

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I am first, as in I’m in ^^’

Vampire rpg? I’m in. I love vamps too much as to pass on this opportunity!

I would definitely be up for it

Hello there…this is my first time in the forum so i hope i don’t make any mistakes.

I would really love to play VtR too. I have some experience with the game and i hve been looking for a long time for a VtR session (hopefully campaign) in Vienna.
I would really love to join you.

Would certainly be interested

well looks like there is enough interest for me to put in the work

i’ll setup a doodle in the near future to find a date, most likely for early january

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will you be running the first or second edition? (blood and smoke)

First edition

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Here is the doodle for the first session

Please use your forum names for the doodle (or leave a comment with your forumname so i can determine who is who :smiley:)
Also please read the note on the doodle as it does contain vital information as to how i’d like the doodle to be filled out :smiley: