New to Vienna, new to DnD

So Greetings everyone. I have moved to Vienna about 6 months ago because of Uni, and i am pretty interested in joining you for some DnD. Im a complete newb, and was wondering if the Games are open for everyone, and if so is there like a joining fee or something of that sort? Ive played maybe twice in my life so as i said, complete newb. Any replies and explanation are trully welcome, also the location of the games and etc. ^^

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welcome to the community :slight_smile:
our (nowadays rather rare) thursday open game nights as well as our friday d&d 5e game nights are free to join, we would appreciate a sign up in the appropriate thread that usually goes up a couple of days in advance

thursday games when they happen are usually at Spielbar (1080 Lederergasse 26)
friday games are at Cafe 1070 (1070 Burggasse 68)
times for both are usually 19:30ish, but all these infos usually also will be in the according threads

hope you’ll have fun here with us in Vienna :slight_smile:

Alright, thank you for the Reply :slight_smile:

Oh and Apologies, i forgot to ask. Do i need to bring something for the first time, or can i just show up tonight?

Hi and an epic welcome from me as well!

A character would be convenient, but if you need help with the creation there is almost always someone there early. It’d be best if you ask around in the forum before, just to be sure :wink:

I would offer you help, but I’m not sure if I can make it before 19:30 today.