New to Vienna, looking for more nerds and geeks to play DnD (5e) and RPGs

Hello community! :slight_smile:

I have recently moved to Vienna from my homecountry (Italy). I started to play DnD some years ago when I was studying in the UK ( I played mostly as a PC but I have also run a Curse of Strahd campaign and DnD/LOTR-adapted one-shots). All in all, I am a massive DnD, RPGs and Tabletop fan. My faves include Call of Chtulhu and Sine Requie (on top of DnD).

I am currently looking for a group to fit in to play, whether it’s DnD or tabletops, since I currently finished a campaign with my besties’ group. Ideally, I am looking to committ to a group but I understand that me being new here and the current situation might make casual meetings easier for everyone. As a researcher, I tend to work quite flexible hours.

So, yeah, I am happy to connect with some more nerds and geeks out there in Vienna! :slight_smile:

V. (age: 25, pronouns: she/her)

P.S. I am strictly looking for English-speaking groups at the moment, while I work on my German. Also, I have always played DnD 5e but if anyone is playing DnD 3.5, I am willing to give it a go :slight_smile:


ciao & welcome :slight_smile:

most of us are still in “waiting to get their jabs” / “waiting that their partners get their jab” mode,
so the weekly D&D5E V.A.L.U.E. (Vienna Adventuring League Ultimate Experience) games still take a bit of time to be able to return (they are on Fridays)
aside from that an Indie RPG crowd, most of the time playing oneshots of various gamesystems, will also return in the coming months (they are on Thursdays)

meanwhile you could look for players & dms in our Discord groups
search on Discord for RPG Vienna and/or Thursday Night Open Games respectively

aside from that @H has been recruiting for a(n online) Keep of the Borderlands opt-in/opt-out campaign

have fun & happy gaming :smiley:


Thank you so much for your reply -I will keep in mind all these wonderful opportunities! :smiley:

Hey! did you manage to find a group? I am in the same situation than you were ahah. 24 yo guy from Portugal, only played D&D though.

Yes I managed to find a group (we played our first one-shot last week), and if you are interested, I think that we would welcome you if you’d like :smiley:
Unfortunately, we’re gonna re-group back in August because a lot of us are busy/ on vacation now, but I can keep you posted and ask to put you in the Telegram group we have, in case.

Would you like to be a player or DM?

That would be cool, thanks! I would be a player!

Wonderful! :slight_smile: if you give me your number, I’ll put you in the Telegram group with Sebastian, Marc, Michail and Paul (the other players :slight_smile: )