New to Vienna, looking for games!

Hi all,

I’ve recently moved from Belfast to Vienna for a new job - unfortunately, I had to leave my old gaming groups behind! So I’m looking for games here - German or English, both are fine.

I’ve mostly played all flavours of D&D (have several registered PFS characters, too), CoC, and Traveller. Also some fun homebrew systems, and I’m DMing (hoping to continue on Roll20) a very, er, nice Dutch system from the 70s… Willing to try new systems, too!

So, anything fun going on around here?

There is a group of people meeting pretty much every thursday for different kinds of RPGs. That’s probably the best way to get to know some members of the forum.
If you wanna drop by check out the newest thread in the General RPG Section.
The venue usually is Spielbar and we usually meet around 7-8 p.m.

The games vary from week to week. Some examples: Pendragon, Shadowrun, CoC, SHERPA, QAGS, Pathfinder, etc…And currently we are having a D&D tournament.

You can also GM yourself if you want to. Either way just drop a line in the current thread if you wanna show up so the GMs that are gonna run something know how many people are going to be there.


Basically, everything Tom said…

Excellent, thanks - good to hear you’re still active! I might not make it this week and I’ll be away on a business trip next week, but I’ll come check it out as soon as I can.


See you soon around the table!

Indeed! It won’t be tomorrow, though - having trouble with my mount. I could’ve just picked a class that teleports, but noooo…

Yeah. To me, picking a class is always like that.
‘You could travel to other places in an instant!’ but then the big weapons are just too shiny… :smiley:

Anything going on this evening?

A Halloween game run by -H-. Link
You don’t need to wear a costume but it’s encouraged. Doesn’t matter if it’s a real costume or not. It’s the thought that counts.