New to Vienna but not RPGs

Hi all,

I am new to Vienna and would like to find a group of gamers and make some friends. I am not new to RPGs. My preferred systems are AD&D 2.0 without skills and powers and D20 systems (d20 modern, Vampire, Mage, Werewolf, Deadlands, ETC). I like to game and board game and would be interested in meeting people who do just to hangout.


Ryan Harvey

Welcome to Vienna, Stratis! What brings you and how long have you been?


I moved here in August, and will be here for a couple of years for work reasons. How about you?


I married an Austrian, and have been here since August a year ago.

I know that Frazzlerunning is trying to get a Pathfinder group together starting in January – after the holiday craziness has calmed down a bit.

Welcome Stratis!

As Siobhan said, I’m trying to get behind the GM-screen.
My initial plan was based around a campaign, but it seems like there is more demand for the occasional Pathfinder module to be played.
If you are interested, head on over to [url= thread[/url], I’m going to start looking for the first date and place shortly.



I played a bit of 2nd Ed. in my time.

Hopefully you’ll find a group soon. As mentionned, Frazzle is getting a group started. I’ll try to join the occasional game so, hopefully, see you soon!

Thank you all for the kind welcome! I can’t wait to play and make some new friends. Is there a good place here to get the books for Pathfinder or should I just order them? I was talking with a friend of mine from work and he would also be interested in playing if that is ok? Do any of you all meet up for beer, dinner, etc?


A great place is planet Harry a bit off Mariahilfer strasse. Fantasy flagship is also a wonderful shop but specialize in LARP and I believe that all their PF products are auf Deutch…

People do meet from time to time for the occasional movie, boardgame or one-shot. It would be advertized in the general RPG section…


Thanks for the information. I will get to Harry’s as soon as I can and get the Players Guides I need.


Sure, if he’s interested, he should come along.

Welcome Stratis!

I’m happy for you that you already found a group :slight_smile:.

Speaking of some people, that maybe play some modules together, if they can find a common time and place, as a group is a bit jumping the gun.